Tödlicher Unfall durch Zip Line Versagen

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Tödlicher Unfall durch Zip Line Versagen

Beitragvon Walter » Fr Apr 19, 2019 8:54 pm

In Thailand ist nach Medienberichten ein Unfall passiert. Einzelheiten sind nicht bekannt.


Canadian tourist dies after Thailand zipline wire snaps

16 April 2019

A Canadian tourist has fallen to his death after a zipline cable snapped in northern Thailand, authorities say.

Authorities in Chiang Mai say the 25-year-old man was on holiday with his girlfriend.

The cable gave way soon after he was released from the start of the zipline course on Saturday, local media report.

The attraction, Flight of the Gibbon, has reportedly been closed while police investigate.

Earlier reports suggested that the man, who has not been officially named, fell 100m (328ft) from the zipline. However, police now say he fell from a height of 12m.

He is then said to have tumbled down a hill, a source told the BBC.

Thai authorities are investigating several issues, including whether the weight limit was exceeded and any potential negligence on the part of the operators.

A spokesperson for Canada's Department for Global Affairs told BBC News: "Our thoughts and sympathies are with the family and friends of the Canadian citizen who died in Thailand. Consular services are provided to the family and loved ones of the Canadian."

Flight of the Gibbon's zipline course in Mae Kampong village, Chiang Mai, is about 5km long with 33 different platforms, making it one of the longest in Asia.

It was temporarily shut in 2016 after three Israeli tourists collided with each other and fell to the ground, suffering non-fatal injuries.

A company representative told AFP news agency that they were awaiting permission to resume activity.
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Re: Tödlicher Unfall durch Zip Line Versagen

Beitragvon Walter » So Jan 17, 2021 4:07 pm

Gute Analyse hier:

2017 03 24 GE Fatal Accident Report

(compiled by Jef Reumaux, Manager at the Gibbon Experience)

Location: Gibbon Experience, zipline steel cable No 4.

On March 24th, 11 a.m., the members of a group of 10 people (8 guests and 2 guides) engaged one after another southwards onto the 300m long No 4 zipline cable.

At the same time, a GE technician was standing on the southern end of returning cable No 4R – located below cable No 4 – across the valley conducting some maintenance work (bamboo clearing). Normally, vertical clearance between cables 4 and 4R at the intersection point is of approximately 6 meters under guest load, but the combined weight of the standing technician and surrounding leaning bamboos resulted in lifting cable No 4R at the northern end by at least 3 meters, reducing clearance by half or more.

Eight people had already crossed the valley when the guest engaged onto cable No 4. His vigorous jumpstart resulted in a strong vertical oscillation movement of the cable. When he reached the fatal intersection, he didn’t have any vertical clearance left underneath him to the returning zipline and both cables came close to contact.

The lower zipline cable N° 4R forced the harness strap sideways, grinding it horizontally along with the safety rope over the course of several meters due to the diverging trajectories of the two cables. The strap and safety rope were severed by friction (grinding/tearing/burning), resulting in our guest’s fall to the forest floor 20 meters below. CPR was performed over an hour without success.
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